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QuattroVenti will not share nor sell the customer information you will provide us. These information are confidential. We only use them for orders processing and for improving our communication with you. They help us in offering the QuattroVenti custommer the products which best correspond to him/her. This article cannot obstruct a potential transfer of activity to a third party. In accordance with law Italy D. Lgs 196/2003, the owner and controller is Balestrieri Alessandro c.f. blslsn67l23l500p Via G. Dini, 16 61029 Urbino (PU), Tel. +39 0722 2238 Fax +39 0722 2238 e-mail: you may at any time have access and change your personal information. This can be done online, or by postal mail by sending us your request with your name, your surname and a copy of your ID or passport. If you wish to keep in touch with the QuattroVenti activities and special offers, you can subscribe to the free Newsletter. The free subscription is made online.
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